Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First Biscornu...

Well, all the cool kids have been doing it for awhile, so I finally made a biscornu. I lost all feeling in my right hand, and my eyes watered through the whole process. My husband keeps asking, "But what do you do with it?" I have no idea. I have been using it as a pin cushion.
They ARE addictive. Now that I am starting to regain feeling in my hand, I may make another!
This is my start on Carriage House Sampling's "Frederick." He is very handsome, and soon his lady love "Frederika" will be released! I think they will look great together, but I do not know where they will go. They actually would have gone very well in my nursery. These are the exact same colors my mother chose to surround her baby girl. Ahhh...the 70s! ;)

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Jennifer said...

Congrads on your biscorni! (did I spell it right? LOL) Looks great!
I've been afraid to even try one yet. Looks hard to make. But they are so pretty.
Maybe I will try it one day.
I love your second photo stitching piece. Love the colors.

Have a good summer day,

Natasha said...

Found your blog while blog hopping. Great job on the biscournu... My husband asks me the same thing all time "but what do you do with it" he just now looks at me and smiles LOL

Take Care

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

I am just now getting back into my cross-stitch. This last year, I got into Spanish blackwork and stitched a sampler for Tyler's parents.

Your stuff is just beautiful, hon! How come we didn't have cross-stitch parties in college? So awesome that you have a blog!

Anonymous said...

What a great job on your biscornu. Yes, they are meant to be pincushions.

It was great to stitch with you this weekend!