Friday, June 5, 2009

Freedom isn't Free

I love and hate Facebook. I spend too much time on it, but I get to keep in touch with old friends. I attended grades 4-7 on a military base. Now for the first time, I am reconnecting (superficially at least) with some of those old schoolmates. I have gotten to wish an old friend good luck for job interviews and seen some super-cute kids. I went to college at a military college. Many of my sorority sisters and friends married men in the military. I was a fraternity sweetheart, and many of those men and other school mates are serving in the military. I live in a rural mountain town, where Afghanistan and Iraq are a world away. There is nothing like hearing of the death of an old friend to bring the war into your home. He has a wife, and three young children who will grow up without him. It is so sad, and the story is and has been happening all over our country. We take so much for granted while others are giving their lives for us. All morning, I have been thinking of college days, of sitting next to him goofing off in German class, of "Mad for Plaid" socials with his fraternity and my sorority. I have been "chatting" with old college friends on Facebook all morning. I do feel a bond with those I went to school with in that special place. If you have a chance today, say a prayer for our military, thank a soldier, or hug a military spouse.



Grenae said...

Well said! Glad you included the military spouses as well. So sorry about your friend and his family.
xoxo Mom

~Angela (mommylawyer) said...

I'm so sorry...

By the way, have you noticed that ever since the new administration came in, there is very little coverage on the war. It's virtually non-existent.

That said, in the few months before Bush left office, you never heard anything GOOD about the war, but now, it's as if nothing is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Just a thought.

Michele said...

Maybe the reporters are too busy keeping up with all the czars!

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear about your friend.
My son joined the National Guard at age 19 (3 years ago) and his unit just went over to Afghanistan 12 days ago. He will not be back for a year. Just found out where exactly he will be through confidential source and all I can tell you is that I have literally been sick since then. I watch the news and read the headlines several times a day.
There are Family Readiness Groups but for parents there is little connection however, more if you are a spouse; which I do not understand as parents have birthed children and raised them.
Last weekend in North Georgia we had 3 National Guard deaths. Husband and I had to wonder for 24 hours if it was our son when we first heard.
I try not to voice my opinion about politics but I am very concerned about our present administration and this war. Like you said, people don't even know that a war is still going on in Afghanistan.
I could go on and on but just want to let you know how sorrow I was for you when I read your post. Counting threads when I stitch is about the only way for me to keep my mind off of it.

Jennifer Dalenberg
North Ga mountains