Friday, October 9, 2009

Agnes Scott

This is my start on Agnes Scott by With My Needle. I wanted you to get an idea of its size!!! Any guesses on when it will be finished? It is an absolutely lovely reproduction Scottish sampler featuring many design elements common to that region. I know that last year I wrote that Dutch samplers were my favorite, but Scottish samplers have now stolen my heart. There are many common elements between Dutch and Scottish samplers, my favorite being the illuminated alphabets.
Here is a red and green grouping in my front room. I think Agnes would be overpowering in this small room. Also I would have to completely redo this grouping which would mean begging my usually easy going husband for more nail holes. He was mild when he saw me bring two more beasties into the house this week compared to the stink he would raise about more nail holes! Apparently I "compromise the structural integrity of the house" when I make and then change wall groupings.
And here is a gratuitous shot of two stinkin' cute kittens!

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Nancy said...

What a gorgeous sampler Agnes will be! Enjoy stitching it. I love your grouping. Your samplers are stunning, and I was contemplating hanging two little plates with one of my sampler groupings yesterday. I think seeing yours helped me to make my decision! Cute kittens!

Parsley said...

Wow. I think you have a challenging project ahead of you!

Love the kitties. Too cute.

Nice to visit your blog.

Melissa said...

I look forward to seeing Agnes Scott. The colours look lovely.

The kittens are super cute. I'm partial to blondies too.

Tanya said...

How pretty it will be and love that wall! Are those bowls or plates? By Johnsons Bros? So delicate looking.


Jennifer said...

Love that sampler, Michelle. It is a biggie though! LOL

Your grouping is great with those plates.

My favorite samplers are Dutch....but I'm married to Dutch so that may have a bearing.... ;)

I think Agnes is going to be gorgeous with your other samplers.

Speaking of Dutch samplers, have you seen "The Dutch Beast" one?
It's beautiful. I've had the fabic and silk threads for it for 1 year and haven't started it yet.