Thursday, October 29, 2009

Harvest Time!

Ha, Ha! Did you read the title and think I would be sharing pictures of all the autumn bounty I gathered from my garden - the garden I spent so much time and money on? Well, let's just say I learned more than I actually harvested! So I am channeling all my "store-up for the winter" energy into COOKIES! Why not? I have been baking, then freezing the dough-balls until firm, and then sealing them up in the Food Saver. Whenever we want a dozen fresh baked cookies - ZIP, ZAP-They're done! I have plenty of room for a batch of peanutbutter, a batch of oatmeal, a batch of chocolate-ginger....
This week I have been stitching "Mercy Me" by Notforgotten Farm. It is cute and fun and A LOT OF BROWN!
MommyLawyer and I have decided to sell up and just grow a corn maze for our future livelihood! 15 dollars a person!!! Thank goodness we went with a Girl Scout Troop and got a whole dollar off per person! Whew! We actually had a lot of fun! What an exercise in Group Dynamics!

Hope you all are having lots of Harvest-Time Fun!

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Jennifer said...

how cute at the corn maze!
Yep, my hubbie is working some extras at the corn maze. He invites me but I honestly have claustrophobia so I probably would quit breathing with all those corn rows around me. LOL

Your stitching is looking GREAT!
Love that design!

I'm also on the same thought and made Oatmeal Crispies last night and froze half. So, I usually have some dough in the freezer too.
What's bad is that we don't have little kids at home anymore and it's just me and hubbie that eats them.....LOL

Great idea I got from the Pioneer Woman's blog about 3 months ago or so. I tried the freezing dough and it really is neat. Tastes just as good when you slice and bake and so economical.


Michele said...

I was pleasantly surprised by how roomy the maze was. Really wide paths and becaue of the hilly terrain you could see the mountains.

Anonymous said...

Ok, corn maze's mine. I'm scared of them! Except the one pictured on my blog: I'm too afraid of getting lost! But then again, I'm also afraid to go tinkle @ the movies. I'm afraid I won't be able to find my seat again. It's not easy being blonde! When I get moved & have more time on my hands perhaps I can do cookies too!

Rhonda said...

Great idea with the cookie dough!!

We went to a corn maze this past week-end with our Sunday School classes. Lots of fun.

As always, I love your handiwork-so nice!!

Siobhan said...

Yumm--love the cookie idea!

Your kids are too cute. I miss those days of visits to the pumpkin patch & corn maze, etc. Fun times. :)

Your Mercy Me is coming along so nicely! I love NFF's stuff.