Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I actually stitched!!

I have had the hardest time getting back into stitching after our move. There is just too much to do, but I could not resist startng Tanya's newest Adam and Eve design. I am using the DMC colors, and I was worried that the brown was too red. Then I realized I live in Georgia, and dirt IS red! ;)
I am usually very senstive to scent, but this year I have been enjoying various wintery scents throughout the house.

Did I already show you this picture? This sign was already hanging in the dining room of this house. I begged for it. There is just something about that sign... ;)

Maybe I will get in some more stitching this afternoon. My latest vision is of a basket of Adam and Eve smalls!

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Lili said...

looks great!
I love the sign on the wall.
happy stitching.

Margaret said...

Oh nice! I have to search this one out. I love A&E designs!