Sunday, December 19, 2010

Taking a popsicle break

I have been very sick this week. It is not the flu, but it is pretty crummy nonetheless. And it is requiring a lot of popsicles.

Today I started a Mary Beale ornament, "Mary was espoused to Joseph." I have never been much of a snowman or santa Christmas stitcher. I usually prefer a religious or nature theme. Although I am beginning to like some of the Mary Beale repeated patterns too.

The ornament below was intense! There are a lot of stitches in that little ornament! I love bargello-style designs, and I can never resist Carriage House Samplings. If you remember this ornament from 2005, you know it was charted to say "Dec. 1804." In my sinus infection-induced fog this morning, I thought I would just freehand "Christmas" and see how it fit. I still cannot believe it fit perfectly - and on the first try!
Jerry has run to pick up pizza and calzones since I don't need to do any food prep! Pizza, stitching, "A Touch of Frost," (a mystery series) antibiotics, and then BED!

I have enjoyed looking through all the pictures with your Christmas decorating. I thought I would show you how much I have done this year. Hmmmm...I don't think this picture will win me any awards.... ;)

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Chris said...

Everything looks great:)

Catherine said...

Sorry to hear you've been feeling so bad!!

Love your stitches!

Margaret said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! I love your stitching!

Jennifer said...

Hope you feel better sooooon!!!

This is the first year we haven't put stockings or the Christmas Village out.

Love your Christmas stitching. So pretty.


KarenV said...

Love the CHS ornament, great idea to change the text to Christmas!

Feel better soon!

Lili said...

Hope you feel better.
Very pretty works.

Michele B. said...

Your Christmas ornament is so pretty - I hope it makes you feel better to look at it. Don't fret about your lack of decorating - you'll get another chance next year!

Siobhan said...

I hope this finds you feeling better!

I love your ornament finish and start! I plan to do them both at some point. ;)

Have a blessed Christmas!