Monday, December 13, 2010

What a busy time of year!

Today was a snow day for the public school, and we took the day off here as well. There was the slightest dusting of snow on the ground, and powerful, bitter winds whistled around the house all day. Between loads of laundry, I finished stitching this ornament by Plum Street Samplers.
Yesterday, I kept my nieces for a few hours. This little sweetie likes to feed a bite to the doggies and then take a bite herself. I would have stopped her, but I was busy taking pictures!
Saturday morning, Nutmeg had a recital; she played the Nutcracker March.

After the recital, we raced home to get things ready for Nutmeg's 10th birthday party. The theme was Star Wars.
Last week there were 4 ballet recitals. This coming weekend looks a bit lighter with only a double birthday party and a neighborhood White Elephant Christmas Party...

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Catherine said...

Love your ornament!!

Looks like you have been very busy! My boys would love the Star Wars cake!

Lili said...

the ornament is so cute!