Friday, September 12, 2008

The Velvet Ant

We used to live in a town with a bar called The Velvet Elvis. This critter makes me think if that. This is a wingless female wasp, commonly known as a velvet ant or cow-killer. I saw it running through the yard, and I called Nutmeg to bring a jar. I scooped up the wasp and only then noticed it was a dirty jar. So that looks like salt all over the wasp. Sorry. I let her go right after I snapped the picture. I drew a sketch in my sketch book, but the girls were too creeped out. Click the title to go to a coloring page of the velvet ant if you are so inclined.

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Karen said...

cow killers! that is what we always called them. Awesome find.

I was alwasy terrified by them. I guess I imagined that they were poinsonous and could kill cows.

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

EEEEKkkkkk *faints*


Melanie said...

Cool! And very timely for us - my boy just returned from a camping trip and told me all about the cow killer he found. He had never seen one before!

nestof3 said...

Wow -- very cool nature find!