Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Pair of Black Stockings

I have mentioned once or twice the profound influence literature has on Nutmeg. Anne Shirley in particular has shaped Nutmeg's "notions." Sometimes this is not positive: she freaks out when anyone compliments her freckles.

Yesterday, Nutmeg found a pair of black stockings in her drawer. She is wearing them again today. Why? Because they look like the stockings old-fashioned girls wear. In fact she told me last night she was an "old-fashioned girl with new-fangled notions," (American Girl). I mention this firstly to let you know how adorable Nutmeg is, and secondly, to show the difference between girls raised on Little House, Green Gables, and other sweet tales and girls raised on Hannah Montana, Cheetah Girls and High school Musical. My daughter is not running around the house half-naked singing about wanting some guy. She is knitting, picking flowers and reading Misty of Chincoteague. Will she being doing that when she is 13? Maybe. Maybe not. But a 7-year old has no business watching shows or listening to music about teenage or adult themes. Why push them into puberty? It will come quickly enough.

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Rhonda said...

Yes, yes, yes!! Introduce them to the wholesomeness of Anne, Laura, Mary, etc. and it will truly make a difference.
I absolutely love this post, Michele.
Nutmeg IS absolutely adorable and I love Anne Shirley too.

Anonymous said...

Amen Sister! You go Little Nutmeg!