Saturday, October 4, 2008

I think this is our schedule....

I am always inspired when I see the schedules made by Jessica of Trivium Academy. I am not a schedule person. But I realize we have developed a rhythm. Rhythm doesn't send a cold chill through me like schedule does!

Scared 1

So here is the rhythm we have been following, but I cannot assign times.
Piano - If we don't do it first, it doesn't get done!
Handwriting and Explode the code /Spelling while I do some things in kitchen/laundry
Religion -Current saint or feast; lesson from Religion for Young Catholics
Reading Comp - Reading for Young Catholics
Latin - Latina Christiana 1; prayers in latin
Math - lesson from Saxon 3
Current Memorization - George Washington by Benet
Grammar FLL3 T/Th
Writing WWE2 M/W
History M/W
Science T/Th
Art - this happens formally on Fridays and here and there throughout the week - painting or drawing for science, history or nature journal.
On Fridays, we get together with friends for Science, Art and History.
Geography usually happens along with history.
Geography workbook and Critical thinking workbook happen in the car or when I am trying to get something done in the house or yard.
I am trying to read to the girls during lunch.
Jerry reads a Bible story and the current read aloud (The Borrowers)before bed.
In the car and in her room, Nutmeg listens to approved books on the iPod.
Outsourced Afternoon Activities:
M - Both girls ballet; Nutmeg tap
T - Both girls Swimming
W - Both girls swimming
Th - Both girls piano lessons
On Friday, we collapse
2 Saturdays a month - Little Flowers Girls' Club
Sundays - Sunday school and mass. We are trying to make Sunday afternoon a nature walk time.

Nutmeg wants to take violin and soccer. I challenged her to find a spot. So far she has not!


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~Angela (mommylawyer) said...

Good schedule, but I'm surprised about the piano - the part about doing it first or it doesn't get done. Doesn't Nutmeg LOVE piano?!