Sunday, October 19, 2008

Who is your neighbor?

We are very careful about saying, "Thank God!" around here - the whole Ten Commandment thing and all. But I said "Thank God" just now for all the right reasons. That adorable little 6-year old boy has been found alive and in good condition.

My husband gets very annoyed that precious news time is devoted to sentimental and/or sensational personal stories. He is an attorney, and sees family tragedies and dramas everyday. When I am watching a national-soap-opera-story on the news, he makes snarky comments such as, "Yeah, and what makes them special?"

I justify following these stories because it makes me more human. My daily life is not filled with rape, abduction, and spouses murdering each other. But I need to be aware that many are not as fortunate as I. These news stories cause me to count my blessings.

These are my Neighbors - in the biblical sense. They are real people suffering. I have an opportunity to pray for them and the hundreds of others in similar situations.

"There but for the Grace of God go I." Maybe we don't "rubber-neck" just because we are nosy or like the shock -value. Maybe we slow down and get a better look because we are suddenly struck by the realization that it could happen to us. Maybe we slow down and look because we are reminded of a communion we have with others on this planet.



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Anonymous said...

Well said, my Firstborn. xoxo Mom