Monday, October 27, 2008


I am having a really difficult time getting Nutmeg down to school this morning. Last week she got her 4/5 year shots (yes, I know she is 7), and her legs hurt so much, I let her do school on the couch. That set up some really bad habits. This morning, she has a cough and a headache and cannot possibly do lessons. I sent her to her room with Tylen@l. Then I sent her dad up to check on her. She told him the problem is that school is so unromantic!

I'm giving her 10 more minutes for the meds to kick in and then it is down to the schoolroom! Unromantic! Pah!


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Rhonda said...

Okay, that just made my day!! I am really and truly lol!
I suppose school is a bit unromantic.
Okay,I'm laughing so hard I can't type.