Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Finish!

It feels so good to finish something! I chose to do only the first block of the "Jeanne d'Arc" from the digital magazine, The Gift of Stitching. I think it is lovely on its own - especially since it has St. Michael, my favorite saint!
I also finished three more days on "Adam Alone." I chose to concentrate on the flowers in the border; I could not bring myself to stitch anymore words one-over-one! I will have to think of a special treat for myself each time I do those words - and there are a lot of words! I hope to finish 3 or 4 more designs on this rotation so i am already planning on the designs to start to fill the empty spaces. That is the most fun! Well, off we go for some family summer outside fun! I'll post more pictures later. Oh, will someone tell me how I can post more than 4 pictures per post?

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Jennifer said...

Boy those look GREAT! Wow! you are stitching fast girl!
Are you going to frame the first one in a black frame?

By the way, it took me awhile to figure out the picture adding thing to , however, when you load each one (after you click browse) and the you get to five and it want any more......just click on download to your blog and let the 4 or 5 finishing going to your post, back on the picture add thing at the top of the post, just like you did the first time and put 5 more pictures in it, save it to the blog and you could essentially add lots of pics that way to one posting.
Hope that helps.

Tanya said...

Fantastic stitching!!!


Anonymous said...

I plan to stitch that one on it's own, too... yours looks great! Congrats on the finish :)