Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wall grouping


This week I have enjoyed looking at Tanya's and Vonna's posts about using cross stich throughout their homes. Here is a shot of a "grouping" on my kitchen wall. The walls are a pale green. I like holding up various charts and planning what should go where next. Sometimes I think I want to change the stitching and the pictures out seasonally. I think I could just leave a summer, fall, and Christmas photo in each frame and switch the pictures out throughout the year. Switching the needlework would be a little trickier since they would be different sizes, and I do not want a bunch of holes in the wall. What do you do?

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Jennifer said...

I take all of my Christmas ones down after Christmas but I do leave up Quaker Christmas all year as its not in Christmas colors and is quite large but looks good in a grouping in my family room. The ones that are really seasonal I guess except for this one I tuck away and then bring back out. I usually put them on a stand or in a basket or shelf so that I don't have to change out the wall decor.