Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Persuasion and Random Thoughts

Well, it is summer. School is still in session, but we are taking a break from running all over N. Georgia to ballet and music. The girls have been swimming in mountain lakes, eating "hunky" bars with my grandmother, and taking walks under the pine trees with my grandfather.
Nutmeg is still recovering from a caterpillar sting we got while riding through the trees, I mean, riding along the paths on the golf cart.
Buttercup and I have been doing a FIAR Peter Rabbit Study this week. We are using the FREE lapbook resources from Home School Share.com. Today my littlest bunny and I took a stroll down the lane and gathered blackberries. Nutmeg stayed in nursing her now infected caterpillar bite.
Nutmeg and I are trying to finish some selected chapters from SOTW 3 before we begin our cycle again with SOTW 1. I thought SOTW 1 was a better place to pick up Buttercup. If she started with SOTW, she might never want to do history again! This week we are studying Russia, Catherine the Great and vaccines.
I am almost staying on my cross stitch rotation. I finished up my three days on "Grateful heart," but I needed a quick project to inspire me. Since watching "Lost in Austen," I having been craving all things Jane. (I have not decided how much I liked "Lost in Austen" yet.) I picked up Tanya's Persuasion design from JCS. It fulfills the Jane craving and has a summery-beach theme as well. I may start Tanya's "Return to the Sea" next. I cannot be a slave to my rotation schedule! I also did a quick biscornu fob using Brighneedle's "Bunny Hop" design.

Well, now I need to get the girls lunch, find the library books, pack for swimming....and on and on it goes!

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Tanya said...

Your girls are darling, as always! Nice stitching :)


Grenae said...

Love the pictures of "Mimi" and "Pop." Sounds like the girls are having an "old-fashioned" summer, complete with fresh tomatoes (I heard that Buttercup and Nutmeg ate a bunch), June bugs and, oh yes, pesky summer insects/caterpillars. Feel better, Nutmeg. xoxo Gran-ster

Jennifer said...

Oh, I like the Persuasion. I got the threads back a couple of months ago and its on my list of "to do". That is the neatest Biscorni fob! I think this is the first biscorni fob I've seen....CUTE!