Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Plethora of Pinkeeps

Well, 2 pinkeeps at any rate. I am so excited to be actually finishing things. I have baskets full of unfinished finished pieces, if you know what I mean! ;) This is a freebie pattern from the Sampler Girl. I need to get another ribbon for it - one that is not translucent! I am having a lot of fun with the pins.
I have many, many, many Christmas ornaments from the past 8 years or so. None of them have ever been finished to hang on a tree. This is my first real, live ornament! It feels so good to finally find a finishing style I am comfortable with. I searched for years for acid-free foamboard that was not self-adhesive. I finally found it at H#bby L#bby. I hope they sold me the right kind!

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Jennifer said...

Love them! You are the expert on pinkeeps!! hehehehe
You and me both with Hobby Lobby. When I go there, that's the primary reason is to get the acid-free mounting board. Its pretty inexpensive there and boy it finishes things off well. So, I usually grab alot of it while I'm there and tuck it away in my stash. Wouldn't it be heaven to have a Hobby Lobby right next to the Walmart? Then, Terry's stitching shop. Then a Long horn steakhouse......and an IHOP......oh, I'm dreaming for some big plans for Cleveland GA!!!! :0

Jennifer said...

By the way, where do you find the best pins for the pinkeeps. I have found some basic colors at Walmart or Hobby Lobby but I see some on other stitching blogs that are so much prettier......I was just wondering.

Michele said...

I have found white and mutli Dritz pearlized pins at W@l-M@rt, and a pack of red at Mich@el's. The blue pins were in the multi-pack. I am looking for green and gold. Somewhere I read about using flat-head pins and beads. I may try that next.

Michelle said...

Beautiful pinkeeps! I really need to stitch that Jane Austen one, I love it!

Jennifer said...

yes, I need to make a trip to a Michaels. I forgot about this one for pins. There DMC floss is like 35 cents as well which is 1/2 of what most other places sell for.
I need to make list and a trip one day.

Jennifer said...

hey, you must go to the quilt shop in Dahlonega. Its right down the road from the old Huddle House on the right. Its called Common Thread. You will love it!