Monday, July 6, 2009

New Starts

A week or so ago, I visited the Dogwood Patch. The plan was for Jerry to take the kids to the little beach at the lake and me to shop. Actually, Jerry was sorting out car trouble while I shopped...and the girls made me nuts. When he finally finished with the car and got the girls, I was finished shopping. But he really twisted my arm and persuaded me to purchase a little something to stitch at the tables in front of the large beautiful window at the shop. I chose "Heart and Hand" by Willow Hill Samplings. I love the colors; Wisconsin Woods is a new favorite thread!
I have also been working on a modified version of Bitterest Flower, by BOAF. I do not want to do the border and there is no way I am using that garish yellow on the leaves. I tried to fill the leaves with Dried Thyme, but that is not working. On the next rotation, I think I may try Desert Mesquite.

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