Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun on the Fourth

We went to my parents' house for the Fourth. There was much food: peanut butter cookies, Key Lime Pie, lentil-carrot burgers, regular burgers and hotdogs, sweet potato fries, and all the fixings.
After lunch and swimming, the kids settled down for a movie. They shared afghans, popcorn...and STREP! One minute Nutmeg was playing in the pool, minutes later she had a 102 degree fever! I took her to the doctor, and the swab test will be back tomorrow, but trust me, the kid has strep. She has started antibiotics. I hope your kids don't get it, MommyLawyer!
My goddaughter, Tricky, took charge of our dog, Ursa. Tricky "walked" Ursa more than Ursa has been walked in quite awhile. Sunday morning, Ursa was so worn out, she just lay in the floor while Tricky smothered her with hugs and kisses. Oh, well, at least you don't get strep from dogs! ;)

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~Angela (mommylawyer) said...

We had so much fun... and so far, no strep. Tricky hasn't stopped talking about Ursa! Thank you for inviting us! :)