Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fine Arts Academy

This week is the first week back to both piano and dance. Sometimes I like to think of our little homeschool as a fine arts academy: piano and voice lessons, ballet and tap, museum visits and plenty of arts and crafts! If the girls were in public school, there would be no way I could get them to the music and dance lessons they currently enjoy. And I carefully picked THOSE PARTICULAR studios. Yes, I am sure they would be just fine without those lessons, but "just fine" has never been my goal for my children. (Now for house work, "just fine" is a high mark!)
This week we have been studying color values and tints. The girls initially were uninspired by the grays, but got excited after a few tries.

Today we mixed colors with water and with white to get various tints. This was a big hit! Both girls painted several pictures using their new colors. I bought the white plastic paint pans at Hobby Lobby for 99 cents. They come with a clear plastic cover to save the leftover paint! The worksheets came from How to Teach Art to Children. I really like this book. The next lesson block is about texture.

Now if I could just find some clean ballet tights! I plan on stitching a bit during their lessons. I'm sure I can find some small project...

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Jennifer said...

Cute, cute pictures of the girls!