Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekly Report

I promise to have a cross stitch post up later today! ;)

Everyone around us is beginning the new school year: back-to school haircuts, outfits, backpacks, etc. I do not want my girls to see learning as something that “begins and ends.” Learning is an ongoing process, and I hope they never stop pursuing it. That said, both girls have new haircuts and school supplies! ;)

Nutmeg has a few more lessons in her 3rd grade English and Math books and then we can begin the shiny new 4th grade books! Buttercup is doing a mix of Rod and Staff preschool, Explode the Code 1 ½, Horizon’s K Math, Saxon 1 Math, and library books out the wazzoo! She likes all the books about the slimy and the stinky that Nutmeg would never look at! Pill bugs and earthworms have been big hits this week. Buttercup also takes great interest in our compost pile and its inhabitants. I can barely get Nutmeg out the front door!

I am attempting the Ancients with both girls this year. Buttercup constantly interrupts with, “But it’s important!” And when that does not work, she tries, “But it’s funny!” I plan to take a couple of weeks to cover pre-history, as if pre-history could be covered in a couple of weeks! I have found several interesting books about this time, and I am learning a lot in preparation. I am particulary interested in Egyptian pre-history and about the Orkney island settlement of Skara Brae. Here is a great website for children introducing them to Skara Brae and the work of archeologists. I also want to familiarize the girls with pre-historic art and perhaps try our hands at some imitation. I am looking forward to some pre-historic food (stewed fruit) as well. I will try to post a list of prehistory resources that I find helpful in a week or so. We will then start SWB’s SOTW 1, incorporating History Pockets and plenty of library books along the way.

Our new science unit is the now out of print Tropical Rainforest by My World Science. I snatched this series up just as it was going out of business last year. Our required book is One Small Square Tropical Rainforest. I am a huge fan of the One Small Square Series. The girls will be making a notebook including the worksheets from My World Science, Enchanted Learning print outs, and of course their own drawings. We are still enjoying the Draw Write Now series. They drew some super-cute sloths this week!

Music and ballet started up again this week, and both girls have added tap. Swimming starts back in September. Once again, we will be listening to Great Music and Great Books while driving in the car.

I bought several books about needlework at the library sale last weekend. Two books are about embroidery from around the world. I definitely plan to incorporate those into our art studies as we learn about different cultures.

We did not do all the “book-learning” botany that I wanted to do this summer. We cut up root vegetables, found different types of roots, and examined perfect flowers vs. male and female flowers. At least I know that my children certainly know where good food comes from! I am planning a winter garden and plan on using “green manure,” so there are still plenty of botany opportunities.

The girls are sleeping in this morning: Buttercup had a fever last night, and Nutmeg got home from dance at 9 PM!!!!! I plan on enjoying a quiet morning, and then it is down to the school room!



~Angela (mommylawyer) said...

Phew! Busy!

We're still planning on Fernbank tomorrow, if you want to join us... plenty of pre-history there!

Michele said...

I have been think about that. It seems like they have a giant sloth model. I am also tempted by the light board that represents migration into Georgia....Hmmm it is between that a bike trail!

~Angela (mommylawyer) said...

We'll be there around 10:30 in the a.m. if you're still interested. We're meeting my cousin and his family (4 kids around the same ages as mine) there. You're welcome to join us - or at least pass us in the exhibits! :)

Michele said...

Jerry says no.

Jennifer said...

You are such a good teacher, Michelle! I know it has be to exciting to teach your kids.
Whats in your stitching basket, girl? I called Terri today at the Dogwood patch. Have to ride up there tomorrow and get a color I'm running out of, Cocoa, Weeks Dye. And theres always Daniels restauraunt somewhere in the mix of a Hawaissee trip. They have the best fried chicken anywhere!!!!!

~Angela (mommylawyer) said...


Vicki said...

Sounds like a great week~ We school year around too! Education is a life! :)

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