Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shopping Nirvana

My sister's second home is the mall. The perfume-y, fast food-y air seems to revive her. She shops with my mom; she shops with my aunt. And once a year, she drags me, kicking and screaming, to the mall, to buy Christmas presents. This is not to say I am not a super shopper - I am. But my favorite shops are the M%%rshall's, T%rgets, H%bby L%bbys, cross stitch stores and homeschool stores of the world. Yesterday I shopped the trifecta - Homeschool Conference, H%bby L%bby, and then J&Ann Fabrics!!!!!!! And C%lifornia Pi**za Kitchen for lunch. And a Tr&der Joe's!!!!!! Almost more goodness than a mortal can handle in one day!!!

I found a sewing machine book for Nutmeg and then stocked up on some sewing supplies.
I found some books for the coming year. Not pictured is Genevieve Foster's "Augustus Caesar's World."
All the baskets were 50% off at one of the craft stores, and I found the perfect basket to display pinkeeps. I cannot wait to fill it with Autumn pinkeeps!!!!!
Last but not least, I asked my husband to cut some foamboard squares for me because he does such a good job with straight edges. The next day I found this on the dining room table.
I could not even find the words....

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DebbieSFL said...

I'm sorry about the tablecloth, but is the table okay????? And is he still alive LOL?

Rhonda said...

Oh,my, so sorry about the tablecloth! I'm glad you survived all that shopping. You found some great items and books. :)

~Angela (mommylawyer) said...

Oooh... I missed going to the homeschool expo - well, sort of.

Is Jerry still alive after the tablecloth incident?!

Jennifer said...

OMG! my husband would be running like crazy right now if he did that!!! LOL
What in the world did he say?
Well, probably, if its a mans response he probably said....."well, I cut the squares didnt I?" LOL LOL
Really, did you see this before or after a cup of coffee this morning??? LOL

Jennifer said...

I was thinking about that poor table cloth last night again and thought......just to let you know I saw a large matting board at the new Walmart! Really.....they are great for cutting like that.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you make a "special" pinkeep and use the former table cloth as a backing? xoxo Mom