Saturday, August 29, 2009

What exites my children

I just did the weekly shopping, and I came home laden with craft projects for the week. We will be starting Egypt, so I have tons of makeup, beads and pipe cleaners (collars/necklaces), and black yarn and coffee filters (wigs). I am really excited!!! The girls barely raised their prissy eyebrows as I unloaded the plastic bags full of fun. But when I got out a new dry erase board and marker set for the fridge, they were jumping up and down!!! They would choose markers over pipecleaners, beads and yarn? Are these my children?

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Jennifer said...

it's amazing what excites children, you are so right! LOL
My kids liked markers and boards too. I remember I had one that had a basic calender on it and fill in the numbers of the month and so forth. It really was a good way to keep up with all their activities.

Hope you are having a great weekend!