Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here and There. This and That

The girls had their first music class last week. Buttercup was extremely excited to be back. One of the many things I love about this program is the ensemble activities. They play rhythm and coordination games, getting opportunities to try all the crazy-looking instruments around the room.
Friday, we had Museum Day. We went to my favorite museum. It is cool and quiet and has wonderful collections of antiquities. The girls brought their sketching supplies and sketched happily, only interrupted by museum workers who stuck their heads around corners saying, "Did you just take a picture with flash?" No, I did not. I am not an idiot. Jerry adjusted the camera to take this picture.
Last week, we studied prehistoric art. We also explored the meaining of the term "prehistoric." We made cave paintings to hang in the school room. Nutmeg was less than excited about the mucky colors we mixed up. It is safe to say that Nutmeg is not an "earth tone" kind of girl! She made two paintings, one just had to include a "princess."

I have completed a few small autumn cross stitches in the past few days. I need to get a few tiny buttons to attach before I can finish them as pinkeeps.

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Anonymous said...

I don't always have time to come here to your blog or Jennifer's either. But when I do I really enjoy it. I marvel @ your wisdom with the girls. You're just the kind of mommy I always hoped to be. *applause*