Saturday, August 15, 2009

Frederick, A Lady, and a Fuzzy Baby

I don't know why I cannot get going on Frederick this go round. I have done the heart and the pears. Last time, I did everything else and could hardly put it down. Oh, well. Better luck next rotation! I have half a dozen stitches left on A Lady's Dream. You would think I would just finish it already! But I have a disorder that impairs my ability to finish. I wonder what the treatment options are?
And here is the cutest little baby watermelon. It makes me think of a baby monkey!

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Nancy said...

A Lady's Dream is gorgeous, and so is Frederick. Sometimes you just have to put a piece aside for awhile, at least I do. Can't figure it out either! Love that little fuzzy watermelon!

Jennifer said...

Wow, that Lady's Dream is beautiful!!!!! The Frederick one is also pretty, I love the colors of it. Don't worry, I have to put some down and then pick it up later.
I've never seen a baby watermelon up close with fuzz on it. Wow! I learned something new today!